I've been using Mom's Owie Cream for years as a “go-to” healing salve for cuts, burns and abrasions. When my daughter was young, I always kept a travel size jar my purse.  About year ago, I came down with an acute case of shingles around my left hip and waist.  I regularly applied the cream on my skin eruptions and was amazed how well I healed. Though I was told I'd probably have some scarring, there is none. I attribute this great outcome to Mom's Owie Cream!


Geri Baur
Santa Monica, CA





Mom's Owie Cream is an essential part of my first-aid kit, and I take it with me everywhere I travel. My husband, who is an avid runner and cyclist, uses MOC daily for everything from sore muscles and kneecaps to sprained wrists and ankles. My husband was in a very serious car accident which required 100 stitches and 20 staples in his head.  After using MOC on his wounds and scars, he was able to heal miraculously in a short period of time.  You would never know that he had been in an accident! Mom's Sunburn Spray is invaluable to me as it soothes poison ivy and burns. MSS is more effective at soothing sunburns and insect bites than any other product I have ever used.


Brent Dewberry
Atlanta, GA


We love, love, love Mom’s Owie Cream! We use this amazing product on ourselves, our grandchildren, and our dogs. It works on any type of “owie!” My husband and I love to garden. We always come in the house after a day of gardening with all kinds of cuts and scrapes. Owie Cream heals it like magic with no problem. GONE!! There is NOTHING that even comes close to the healing power of Owie Cream. We've used it for years. My grandchildren allow me to use it on them because it doesn't sting. We use it on our dogs Chloe, Lily, and Lucy. Chloe, our 4.5-pound Yorkie, hurt her paw. One application of Owie Cream took care of it! It’s harmless even if she licks it. We use it on all their skin irritations. Those would have been trips to the Vet before Owie Cream. Thanks for creating this great product. It has replaced the multiple products in our medicine cabinet.  


 Rita Berdelis
Newport Beach, CA


I used Mom's Owie Cream and as my primary means to heal my back along with Mom’s Sunburn Spray to relieve the pain of the worst accidental injury I've ever experienced: A pot of boiling water fell on my back when I slipped in the kitchen, and completely charred, blistered and literally boiled through my skin, down into the muscles. Flesh just slewed right off my back, but luckily I had the most potent Mom’s Owie Cream available to me in heaps, and I was able to recover without much scarring or loss of tissue. I am now fully recovered and eternally grateful. I use moms Owie Cream on a daily basis for multiple purposes.


Christa Adams
Beaverton, OR




Mom’s Owie Cream is a staple in my life. I use it for everything from scratches to knee pain to lip gloss! I love it!


Robin Groves
Malibu, CA